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Mesmerize the Mehndi Ceremony with Unique Flower Arrangements

Nothing can be more attractive than the natural beauty encapsulated by the real fresh flowers.

Bridal Mehndi Jewelry

Mehndi Stage decor
 Whether it is the stage decorations or the adornment of the brides and bridesmaids , flowers are the obvious part of the most colorful and vibrant Mehndi ceremony. The unique flower arrangements and hand crafted delicate fresh floral Mehndi jewellery mesmerize the whole environment with their fragrance and embellishments. The flower jewellery incorporated to complement the outfits, enhance the glamor and allure of brides and makes their night one of the most memorable and heart-rendering.

Flower Decorations
Flowers are widely used in weddings all over the world .They signify the festivity , love, fertility, joy, prosperity and ultimate happiness. Flower make all the difference when used with the combination of a variety of flowers in decoration and jewellery.Traditionally," Marigold "(Gainda ) is used for decorations and in making the flower jewelry on Mehndi events as it signifies the happiness and celebrations. But now- a- days trend changes, different local and imported flowers and their combinations  is getting popular.

Flower Decorations
Flowers decoration matching with the outfits of the bride and groom and to complement the stages and backdrops not only enhance the charm of the event but mesmerize the guests. Fresh Flowers are used to greet guests , to d├ęcor the stages , backdrops and walk-through , to embellish the Mehndi plates and Mehndi thaals at Mayoon and Mehndi functions. It is very important to choose the appropriate flowers for wedding bouquets, stage decor, bridal canopy and bridal jewelry to make the weddings events  special . 

Wedding Flowers
The combination of trendy and fragrant wedding flowers such as ; Marigold, gardenia , Tuberoses, Lily, Tulip , Roses , Chrysanthemums, Daisy, Carnation , Orchids, Gladiolus, Narcissus, Gerbera and Hydrangea in floral Jewellery make the first glimpse unforgettable. Mehndi brides 's preparation remain incomplete without Gajrays , bracelets, mala, earrings,  necklaces, tikka, hair pins made of fresh flowers. Certainly,  flower embellishment make the event more special and give the guests a reason to admire ,stop and stare.


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