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Dosti Gana

An addition to the glitz and glamour of Mayoon and Mehndi event, is “Dosti Gaana/ kangna. That symbolizes pure and deep bonding of friendship between bride/groom and their friends. The custom of bringing dosti gana for bride or groom from their friends is a special and exciting element of Mehndi night. It’s a figure of love and best wishes for his/her imminent new life.

Generally the closest friend or a friend nominated by bride would bring dosti gaana with her family and other friends, which may include gaana, mehndi, ubtan, fragranced oil (to apply in ceremony of Mehndi), mehndi outfit, gajray, churian, mehndi footwear, paranda, mehndi thaal, sweets and lots of gifts to bless the girl with delight. For groom’s dosti gaana it’s a bit different as to include dosti gana, mehndi, ubtan ,oil, garlands, fancy embellished wrap-on for this shoulders, sweets, mehndi thaal, dholl player and gifts.

Girl’s can be more creative to make a "Dosti Gaana" rather to take a pre-made from market. Several ideas can be applied to craft a unique and beautiful dosti gaana for your beloved buddy. You can use fresh/ paper flowers, porcelain dough items, sparkling stones and gems, fancy patches and gota work, woolen / glitter or colored glass balls, beads, pearls, bangles, tiny bells and variety of other ornaments. Dosti gaana event can be more personalized and exclusive with the demonstration and adornment of all the items included.


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