Thursday, 18 July 2013

Mehndi Brides

The Mehndi night is one of the most fun-filled, colorful and amazing event of Pakistani and Indian Weddings. On that special and colorful day every bride loves to look unique, gorgeous and traditional .For dreamy outlook brides are very careful and conscious about everything like dress, jewelry, Mehndi, shoe, makeover and hair style. Brides want to wear traditional outfits on Mehndi night,  usually  in bright and glittery yellow green and orange colors and some embroidery or gotta work on it  . On Mehndi night  floral jewelry,very light and soft makeup and matching bangles are more than enough to give the brides amazing grace and dazzling look.  The bride adorned her hands and feet with mehndi to make her even more beautiful for the wedding day.

 Scroll through to check out  amazingly stunning Mehndi Brides. 

Amazingly Gorgeous Mehndi Bride

Traditional Mehndi Bride

Awesome Mehndi Bride
Beautiful Mehndi Bride
Stunning Mehndi Bride

Traditional and elegant Mehndi Bride
Graceful Mehndi Bride

Mehndi Bride
Gorgeous Mehndi Bride

Traditional and simple Mehndi Bride

Traditional and simple Mehndi Bride

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