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Flowers.....Phool Aur Gajray

Flowers.....Phool Aur Gajray

Weddings are blend of love, beauty and festivity. As planning the details of wedding  functions such as Mayoon and Mehndi are quite imperative, flowers are one of the major items. As flowers have a language of their own, they give a contemporary and refreshing facet to the mayoon frills. These fragile blossoms convey each sensation of blessed couple in variety of ways.Some flowers with metaphorical indications can be utilized with other flowers to make your wedding more expressive. 

Flowers have a lot of meanings according to custom, ethnicity and color. 
As the traditional rose will never lose its fascination for rose-scented weddings, brides presume red roses get them luck on their wedding day.
         On the other hand yellow color of marigold and milky white of gardenia signifies the happiness and pleasure for the bride and groom.Many blooms such as the rose, orchids, lilies are trendy for wedding, but fragrant  flowers like jasmine, marigold and gardenia are most admired as gajray and malaa at mayoon function. Because they can give a sensual hype for the embellishments for bride and also for d├ęcor. 

                    Flowers are featured in all aspects of the wedding celebrations including the bridal bouquet, bridal gajray, bridal hair garlands, groom’s malaa, gajray for bride's maids, the wedding vehicle, invitations, the reception, wedding gifts and even in the wedding house decorations.


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